The Spencer Audio

“Spencer”, our international man of mystery, spoke for an hour and a half at the Unblog Family Reunion. He is the LDS version of “the most interesting man in the world” except he doesn’t drink Dos Equis. He once bumped into a tree….and it apologized for getting in his way. All kidding set aside, here is the link to that audio recording.

UPDATE: Spencer’s people have intentionally removed the audio link and blocked access to it (presumably because we have blown it wide open).  But as if that wasn’t intriguing enough you won’t believe what they did next.  They performed a magic trick that would make even David Copperfield jealous.  They made Spencer “disappear”. Yep…that’s right!  Despite the fact that Spencer was THE star appearance at the 2012 Unblog Family Reunion they have not only removed the audio of his 90 minute appearance, but also edited out ANY mention of Spencer from all the audio recordings. When John introduces all the speakers who will be speaking that evening you don’t even hear Spencer mentioned. You hear an awkward break in the audio like someone has obviously spliced it out.  And his name is not listed amongst all the speakers who spoke that night.  That’s funny stuff! I can’t wait to see what their next maneuver is…maybe a threatening letter from their legal team…ha ha. You can see and hear for yourself exactly what we’re talking about here at their blog page:

2nd UPDATE:  It has recently come to our attention that Spencer was hidden behind privacy partitions to hide him from the audience’s view and prevent visual identification. This would explain the odd and cryptic joke at the beginning of his comments where he quips, “I feel like I’m in the hospital ICU.” The entire audience bust out laughing because they were there in person and could see the partitions which looked similar to the ones commonly used in hospital rooms and clinics.  This partially explains the nagging mystery of how so many people were in attendance at this event and yet Spencer’s identity has not been publicly “outed” after all this time.  He has one of the most unique and distinguishing voices I have ever heard and his speech mannerisms are unmistakable. It’s hard to believe that almost any one who attends his home ward would not know that he’s Spencer.

We strongly encourage you to listen to the entire session as we feel it brings to light some issues and dynamics that some may feel are disconcerting. For me personally, after having listened to the audio 2 times I have even greater concerns and reservations now than I did after reading the book. They are as follows:

At the 1:09:15 marker in the recording John slips up and calls him “Stan” and doesn’t correct himself which seems to suggest that Spencer’s real name is Stan.

There are several points in the recording where Spencer seems “stumped” as though he doesn’t know how to answer the questions despite the fact that its his own account as found in the book and certainly something you would expect he’s pondered a lot in his head if its a real personal experience he’s had in a vision. For example, John asks Spencer to describe the Second Coming and Spencer just pauses for a long time and doesn’t quite know what to say and then says “how do you describe something like that”?….HELLO!! you’re the one who claimed to have the vision….its in YOUR book! Spencer then just regurgitates what any primary child would and which is found in the scriptures. You needed a vision to tell us what’s already said in the scriptures? Hmm. The moment seems a little uncomfortable and awkward and then John comes to the rescue and lets him off the hook and changes the subject to another topic about the 144,000 but AGAIN, he seems stumped and asks John to please start it off at which point John refreshes his memory about what’s recorded in the book and then Spencer seems to be able to pick up from there but using the same generic descriptions about the 144,000 that can be found anywhere in the scriptures. Then at 1:12:52 John asks him to “tell us about bringing that city to the glorified earth…that’s a wonderful story” and Spencer is again totally stumped and says “I don’t know what to say John” and there’s another long, awkward pause and John again comes to the rescue and changes the subject again and reads another question from someone in the audience asking him to comment on the ten lost tribes and his answer is just as bizarre, non-descriptive and vague as all his other answers are and not even remotely matching up with the account he gave in the book. It’s as if he (Spencer) has to to be prompted and reminded or prodded a little to get the answer going…he seems uncomfortable and hesitant at times the way you see people act who have totally made up a fictitious story and are scared they’re not gonna be able to keep their story consistent and be exposed. John is constantly throughout the session having to prod, prompt, remind Spencer….eg; “remember in the book you said” or “you told about how…”…etc. Spencer can never go on his own steam and that really concerns me as far as his veracity and authenticity goes. Listening to him speak live in person I was not at all impressed with him. I’m even more suspicious now than I was after I read the book. It isn’t like this man doesn’t know how to express himself…He has three advanced degrees and has been paid to speak professionally at speaking engagements which we also learn from his book.

The more you listen to him you keep getting the feeling like something’s a little “off” about him. He sounds like a really awful preacher. He speaks in constant generics, vague terms and Mormon cliches.

When asked about the City of Enoch, he says “they come back”…REALLY?…tell us something we didn’t already know…that’s new? He never gives details. This guy is not operating on all 8 cylinders.

Oh…and then there’s the thing about the individual grapes the size of watermelons. Let me guess…this is “Land of the Giants” and we’re the little people or are they radioactive mutations? Personally I don’t want to try and plop a grape in my mouth that’s the size of a watermelon. Do you? If its the size of a watermelon then its not a grape anymore…its something else.

HUGE RED FLAG!!! At 1:28:15 he hedges himself big-time. His very final closing comments are that these were only HIS personal experiences and that “NONE OF IT HAS TO COME TO PASS” the way he has described it. That these events of the last days may very well happen differently…. “its the Lords work…He can do what he wants.” So apparently he doesn’t have much confidence in his own visions when he has to hedge himself so much with these disclaimers. Can you imagine Joseph Smith saying, “well Christ might come but he also might not return any time soon”….Conclusion…we need to ask ourselves if we are witnessing another Paul H. Dunn fiasco.  I do not doubt for one minute that Spencer’s heart is anything but well meaning and pure in his motivations to uplift and inspire people to better their lives spiritually, but guess what, so was this also true with Paul H. Dunn when he inspired the youth with his mostly phony war stories that he portrayed as actual true accounts of his life.  Just because someone’s motives are well meaning and pure doesn’t make their extraordinary and outlandish claims true.

There’s always a little prize at the bottom of every Cracker Jack box.  So for those who took the time and had the patience to read through this entire post, here’s your prize:

NOTE: In order to play the audio file or download it you will need to register for the first time and set up a 4shared account unless of course you already have one, in which case simply login to your account.

  1. Michael Martin says:

    Thanks for the “prize”. It is proof positive why The Church’s leadership strongly disourages these kinds of meetings.

    • nicma13 says:

      No thanks required…just throw money LOL

    • nicma13 says:

      Yo Michael, you’re not kidding! When I was attending BYU right after my mission I was invited by a friend to attend one of these so-called “cottage meetings”. This was in 1985. It was a really small gathering in an insurance office. They were giving a presentation along with handouts that claimed to pin down to within a year or two the timing of the Second Coming of Christ and the ushering in of the Millennium. Within a week after that meeting an Apostle gave them orders to “cease and desist” or face disciplinary action. To their credit, they immediately complied and it didn’t come to anything. The “Brethren” don’t mess around with that stuff.

  2. R. Stone says:

    Im not sure about the hideing behind “privacy partitions” is acurate. At least one commenter addressed being able to see Spencer

    • nicma13 says:

      That is a very good point. But I have heard that he was behind a partition and it’s the only thing that explains the strange joke at the beginning of his comments.

  3. mj says:

    Because I am aquainted with Spencer and have met him and know of his integrity, I find all of the criticism from those on this unblog (as well as Greg Smith’s on FAIR) to be very un-Christ like. Why not attend the SLC Temple often where you can meet him? But more importantly go there to learn about being more Christ like. You will meet him some day in the afterlife; you might want to prepare now for what you may say. (His name is not Stan.)


    • nicma13 says:

      That would be wonderful. How about you tell us what his real name is and I’ll go meet him at the Salt Lake Temple. I’ve been wanting to interview him for a LONG time.

    • jaristotle says:

      Funny, I know a woman who claims “Spencer” is her recently passed-away uncle…amazing how so many fanatical people jump up to defend their “false prophet.”

    • taylorfrichards says:

      MJ…Could you please tell me his first name? Where in the SLC temple would I be able to meet him. Is he a temple worker?

    • Taylor says:

      Would you please give us his first name? I live in Provo and would love to go down to the Salt Lake Temple and shake hands with him. Would the temple workers there know who he was if I told them his first name? Please please please please please.

  4. mj says:

    That is funny! Except, ‘How dare they believe in any prophets besides the 15.” Except, if you could you would stone all of them to death. ??


    • nicma13 says:

      Funny you should mention that because as a matter of fact I do believe in other prophets and enlightened individuals outside of the “15”. Just not Spencer.
      Here’s an incomplete list of some of them:
      *Jacob Boehme
      *Immanuel Swedenborg
      *Lao Tzu
      *Gautama (the Buddha)
      *Andrew Ramer
      *Anna Kingsford (aka Besset)

  5. disciple says:

    I know who “Spencer” is and he was visible during the “fireside”. He was just speaking of his experiences, which all of us have the right to share. He sustains the living prophet and has always claimed to do so. I could go on and on but I don’t feel like I need to defend him. He is a meek, humble and righteous individual. His experiences were precious and brought a message of preparedness and hope (at least that is the way I look at it). Many people are having experiences like this and that is one of the signs in the last days. See Acts 2:17. I am sure he has regretted sharing some of his experiences because it is like casting pearls before swine. Too bad many of you can’t see the value in the message. Like he said, God can do it any way he wants… This was just his experience and his interpretation.

  6. Believer says:

    Umm I was there at the the Unblog Family Reunion. We all saw “Spencer” just fine. Y’all need to get your facts straight. Thank you “disciple” for saying it like it is

  7. taylorfrichards says:

    “disciple” says he knows who “Spencer” is. Would you mind contacting me and giving me his name?

  8. Alter Idem says:

    It is difficult determine ‘spencer’s’ credibility while he hides his identity. Those who claim to have seen him and know who he is, if he made himself known to a large group, why is it still kept such a carefully secret?

  9. Jared says:

    Read visions with openness to truth–irrefutable validation will come via the spirit! No better credibility than that witness.

  10. keepitreal says:

    You guys crack me up!. I attended the reunion and loved every minute of it and guess what? There
    was no partition. Sorry to spoil all your fun. Hey, if you want to talk someone who knows Spencer, maybe you can talk with an expert on the Book of Isaiah and how he recognizes the parallels between Spencer`s visions and Isaiah`s writings. Very interesting indeed! Have a wonderful time studying Isaiah any gaining some knowledge for yourself. Hey, did you get word that Spencer’s was just made Bishop in his ward? I guess someone knows who this man is and believes his words or this would have never happened. Now back to your witch hunt! The comedy here is great!

    • nicma13 says:

      The only comedy here are the outlandish and silly claims that are found in this book which we have extensively outlined for those who are willing to actually read the review articles.

    • nicma13 says:

      And since you claim that “Spencer” is now the bishop of his ward then you shouldn’t have any problem telling us what ward he is the bishop of. I would like to verify that information and and send him a list of questions we’ve been trying to get him to answer for over a year now.

  11. keepitreal says:

    No, it’s more fun to watch you get all worked up about this stuff. Now take a deep breath and try to enjoy your life instead of hovering over your blog all day long and rebutting all of us naysayers. Is this what you do for a living? How’s that working out for you?

    • nicma13 says:

      I don’t have to “hover” all day over this blog. It’s called technology. I can go about my normal daily business and if someone posts a comment it’s automatically pushed to my mobile device where it awaits approval and/or a rebuttal. And in fact you’re the first poster in a long time to even make a comment. An analysis of the site’s traffic from a year ago to the present day shows that interest in the book has dramatically waned. So much so that I’ve considered shutting the blog down. It’s just bread crumbs now at this point. So what ward did you say he’s bishop of?

      And what is even more bewildering is that after a year and a half of offering a fair opportunity for Spencer’s supporters to do so NOT ONE PERSON has posted a point by point rebuttal addressing and answering the numerous specific questions and issues that we’ve raised in these review articles. And we’ve just recently learned from a reliable source that the original manuscript for “Visions of Glory” had an open admission by Spencer that his wife and most of his kids did not support his so called visions OR their publication and wanted no part of it but the publisher thought that did not sound good in the book and insisted on that portion being edited out of the final version. Here’s your opportunity to dispute that claim if it’s false.

    • Jared says:

      Keepitreal, No need to belittle. Frustrating as this blog and authors oppinons are– live up to the finer points of your name. Nicma13, forgive me if I came across as mocking I surely was not wanting to be understood that way. Love for you, Jared

  12. Jared says:

    “Point by point” oh bother…. do you need to point by point refute difficult church history to the naysayers to know the church is true? Remove your filter that prevents the Spirit from confirming to you the truths of VOG. That is all that is required for you good brother to be in the, so far for you–elusive, “know club” again, remove the “NO” filter and rejoice in the beauty that awaits you. Ether12:6

  13. _ says:

    I have also met and know the real Spencer. He is, without a doubt, a good, honest, righteous man. I know that. He wishes not to be identified. Reading through these comments, you can clearly see why. He does not wish to spend the rest of his days trying to persuade every person who finds “problems” with what has been given to him in vision. Stop asking for his name. Stop asking for “proof.” Discontinue your spirit of faithlessness and criticism. If the things contained in the book offend you, then do not read it.

  14. ex-spencerite says:

    I used to believe, then I paid more attention to the doctrinal errors, and there are some doozies there. So I have to giggle at all the people begging to know “spencer’s” name. Having seen both sides of the coin, I can tell you it’s not hard to figure out. You know his profession. You know the general area where he works. If you pay close enough attention to the book, you can figure out his age. Do some googling. I’m surprised it hasn’t come out yet. There’s enough “out there” to figure it out.

  15. Ingi says:

    I had foresight. I got it recorded on my iPad. And I listen to it quite often as I drive up and down Hwy 15 thinking, oh, this is where Spencer said would have a big hole. I would sustain this man for any calling he’s given including the one coming directly from our Master.

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